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Why Apostrophe?

M'Recia has always been pretty proud to have an apostrophe in her name and "Apostrophe" has been wrapped up in her identity. In fact, when M'Recia was a child, her brother called her Apostrophe. So when it came time to choose a  business name for a "Apostrophe Photography" seemed like an obvious choice.

Apostrophe Photographers:

We are a husband and wife team. We love being able to do what we are passionate about together. We have both been obsessed with pictures and photography for a very long time. In fact, one of the very activities we did together when we started dating was a full day "photo safari" around downtown SLC. We have been married over 5 years and spent a lot of time traveling before we adopted our son, Patrick, in May of 2014.

  • Photo by Kb Applonie


I got my first digital camera when I was in Elementary School. It was called a "Jam Cam" and it looked a lot like a toy. It didn't have a screen or any custom settings, but it was enough to get me hooked. I upgraded several times through the years and, with my dad's help, bought my first DSLR as a graduation present to myself. I've taken thousands and thousands of pictures over the years and have learned a lot. I love experimenting with new equipment and techniques.


I got my first camera (film) when I was a Sophomore in High School from a good friend. When we began taking photos on hikes and other various adventures together, I quickly realized the power in using photos to convey the beauty I saw in the world. This passion has grown significantly the last few years and I'm excited to help capture some of your own beautiful moments!